Where I THINK I’ll be in ten years

In ten years I will be 26 years old. I have wanted to go to a four year university ever since I was a very little girl. Nobody in my immediate family has ever gone to one, and my goal is to be the first.I want to pursue a career in nursing and have always loved and adored infants, so a postpartum nurse would be my DREAM. My dream school is Seattle Pacific University. It’s a private christian school in Washington, thats honestly the best. school. ever. It costs a fortune and I don’t think its realistic, but WHO KNOWS what will happen.  I’d like to be married by then, but I keep reminding myself I should be at peace with whatever God has in store for me. By 26 years old, having a stable job would be ideal because of all of the student loans I’ll have. By 26, I would love to have traveled out of the country on a mission trip with my church as well. All of my friends who have gotten the chance to go on one have told the best stories and I really think my perspective on life itself would change for the better.

I’d love to possibly be married by 26, or close to marrying by then. I know many of my friends think thats really early, but I believe by that age, I’ll be ready. I honestly don’t think I’ll have any kids by 26 yet, but I’ll most likely be getting close to wanting them. I hope my older brother is married by 31, because I have always wanted to be an aunt. I can’t wait to see both my brother’s be fathers one day, and I can’t wait to be a mother. Seeing both my parents raise us the way they did, makes me very hopeful for my future family. I don’t really know what is up ahead in my life; I’m leaving that to God. I pray that I have peace through all of this knowing He is in control.



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