God is good… ALL THE TIME

If I’m being honest, God has been pushed to the back burner way too many times in my life. School and everything to do with it envelopes me into a whole new world that has almost nothing to do with God. A secular world is pretty hard to live in most of the time.

This year I decided to do cheer. Something I have never been passionate about whatsoever, but I did it just to “do it.” What was I thinking? Don’t answer that please. This season has sucked the life out of me and quite frankly been horrible. Going to sometimes six games a week for both boys and girls games took every bit of energy out of me. On top of cheer, my grades are very important to me. Way too important, actually. Friends who AREN’T  christian ultimately do nothing for you. My focus has been shifted not on Jesus, but on this world and that is something I am not proud of one bit. It has lead to a great deal of loneliness and isolation on my part. Comparing myself to things of this world has easily been one of the worst things I could do to myself.

——————I held onto this blog post and now, two months later, I’m a different me than I was describing above. ————

I’m loving life. I have a positive empowered outlook on life lately. Guess what though?  I shouldn’t be. If it weren’t for relying heavily on God, and resting in Him, I’d be a puddle of emotions at the moment. I’m learning currently not to waiver when strong winds come my way and am okay with change. My main group of friends just up and left me recently. Completely doesn’t talk to me, and they don’t really look at me. I AM OKAY. I am not a weird person, I deserve good friends. They found drugs, alcohol, partying, sexually immoral choices to be a constant default in their lives. I should feel alone.

To be honest, at times throughout my day, I DO feel alone. I keep reminding myself my God, my loyal, faithful friend has never left me. He is constant. Never changing. I made a conscious choice before my freshmen year to abstain from social decisions that would be displeasing to the Lord, my family as well as myself. Having that boundary has helped greatly with any “peer pressure.” In all honesty, I haven’t had much of that however. I don’t put myself in circumstances or friend groups to make me want to do those things. Except, for this situation. My so called “friends” didn’t ever pressure me because they knew I would just keep saying “no” because I was confident in my “no.” My answers never wavered.

I can finish this post by saying my CHOICE to not let into what the world has to offer me through my “friends” has helped me find more time for my priorities and activities that make me feel complete and happy. My encouragement to you: KEEP GOING, AND KEEP PRAYING. Friends I talked about want to see you fail. They know what they are doing is not okay, but they want to drag more and more people along to make what they are doing feel not as bad. Imagine if I would have said “yes.” Not only would I be giving Christians a bad image for themselves, but I would also be showing non-christians the thought that the God I was talking about wasn’t able to sustain me the way I tried saying He did. You can be content in the Lord, and overflow with joy. No need for any substance to make you feel the joy He brings when you seek it. img_1627


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